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Psychic and Spiritual Healing are two different names for the same modality, which flows through many different techniques. It is defined as the channelling of energies by the Healer to the Receiver to help them allow change in their lives. This can achieved by the improving of their physical, emotional or spiritual health. This healing can help to speed up recovery from serious illnesses and major surgery. For example, Reiki has been proved, in both England and America, to alleviate the symptoms of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

A Spiritual person can "lay-on hands" and the receiver will feel energy moving in their body, or not, and yet still receive the healing. A Psychic person can do the same, with the same result. Some people are born healers, others develop the talent over time, and still others become Attuned to healing techniques, such as Reiki, which opens up their energy to allow them to follow their hearts and give healing to others. And then there are the people, who are neither psychic nor spiritual, but can help with the power of Words and Wisdom, through a deep understanding of Counselling techniques in their roles as Counsellors, Psychologists and Psychiatrists.

A Spiritual person may be psychic or not. Spirituality is about your belief, and your relationship with, a deity of some kind, whether it is God, Goddess or some other being. We know any number of people who are deeply spiritual who happily acknowledge themselves as 'psychic doorknobs', and yet they have a gift for helping others feel better, whether in mind, body or spirit.

Here at the Academy we practise Reiki Healing and Spiritual Counselling. We teach Reiki healing, at all levels, because we know its effectiveness, its gentleness and that it can do the Receiver no harm.

As individuals, and a team, we recognise that only licensed Medical Doctors can practise Medicine, and that we cannot diagnose medical problems. We also acknowledge that each person is capable of healing themselves.

The Courses that we provide:

Spiritual Healing - Fundamentals for Healers (also known as Psychic or Metaphysical Healing)

Chakras, auras and the human energy system

Reiki - Level 1 Personal Healing (by correspondence with distance Attunements)

Reiki - Level 2 Emotional & Distance Healing (by correspondence with distance Attunements)

Regression Therapy - Past lives, Present Influences

Diploma of Spiritual Development

Hands-on Workshops with Ama Nazra

Reiki - Level 1 Personal Healing

Reiki - Level 2 Emotional & Distance Healing

Reiki - Level 3 Self Mastery

Spirit Rescue

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Ama Nazra 0402 870 738
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