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Paranormal Studies

Paranormal studies include Psychic Development, because it is our psychic gifts that help us recognise and understand paranormal entities and experiences. Being Spiritual does not mean that you will have paranormal experiences, but it does open a door into alignment with the Angelic Kingdom, the Elemental Kingdom, and all the energy in between.

The Academy offers two Courses in Paranormal Studies - Psychic Development and Spirit Rescue.

"Psychic Development"

This ten (10) part Course includes -

Psychic Development
A Journal for your Journey
Recognising and learning to understand your Psychic Gifts, also known as Spiritual Gifts:
- The "clair" senses
- Psychometry
Divine Intuitition
The Spiritual Kingdoms
- Angelic
- Elemental
- Human
Sensing and communicating with Angels & Spirit Guides
Basic Psychic Protection
Empathy - a gift and a burden
The Power of the Mind to make changes in our lives
Ego and Free Will - friend or foe
and more
Pay in full and save - $400
By Instalments - Deposit $150
then six (6) monthly payments of $50
Total - $450

"Spirit Rescue"

This twelve (12) part Course includes:

There are those who are fascinated by the unseen. There are those in the unseen who are fascinated by the living. And then there are those who are just hungry for experiences.

Spirit Rescue is a particular gift. It combines the skills of a Medium, a Counsellor, an Energy Worker, a Healer and sometimes a Demonologist, to reach across the world and help lost souls find healing. The lost might be the living, or they can be the dead. You might find them, or they might find you.

Either way, the outcome must be that the living are set free and the dead find peace.

This Spirit Rescue course will teach you about ghosts, spirits and other entities; about psychic protection and why it's vital; about living and dying and the process of slipping from one into the other. It will teach you a little about energy, give you some tools to work with, and often adapt to suit yourself; and it will start you on the path to becoming a helper of the unseen, often unknowing, entities we might even once have called our friends in other lives.

Some of the many subjects covered in the Course are:

What Spirit Rescue is and Isn't
Metaphysical Principles that apply in Spirit Rescue
The Different Forms of Spirit
Spirit Guides are not ghosts in any form
Ghosts & Spirits - one creation, two energies
Why they don't all communicate
Why ghosts haunt people
Reasons why they stay - unfinished Business
Lost Souls and graveyards
Suicides & Why some suicides become ghosts
There is no such thing as an EBS
The Void or Lower Astral
A small touch of Demonology
Broken Hearts and Broken Minds
The ties that bind
Physical Reactions to Energy Beings
Psychic Vampires
Psychic Protection
Spirit Rescue Tools 1 & 2
Learn to say No!
Working with Spirit Guides
The Michael Invocations
A General Clearance
Why smudging does not always work
One way to clear a house
Psychic Healing
Scanning for energy
Auric Field and Chakras
Gates, vortexes and portals
There are some things you cannot fix
What are leylines?
What are Poltergeists?
Pay in full and save - $480.00
By Installments - Deposit $130.00
then eight (8) monthly payments of $50
Total - $530

Spirit Rescue Hands-on

Two Day Workshop $350

Available in Melbourne, Warrnambool
and other Centres by arrangement

Next workshop 30th April & 1st May
Elwood, Victoria
For more information and to book your place,
click here

Diploma of Spiritual Development
(For more information click this link)

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Ama Nazra 0402 870 738
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