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Diploma of Spiritual Development


Whether we walk the path of the Spiritual Warrior, the Healer, the Teacher, or the Seeker after Arcane Knowledge, we all must begin with the creation of our Spiritual Practise and the understanding of the fundaments of those gifts that help us on our journey. The Diploma of Spiritual Development is an indepth study of the gifts that make us both human and Spirit. It provides a foundation for our learning, a mountain top to leap from, and a safe place to return to as we grow and change.

Each subject can be taken individually or as an overall study package, to be paced over at least twelve months, but can be completed in your own time. Each unit contains reading matter, a section for personal reflection, questions to be answered, and it is expected that each person will submit a 1000 word essay on a subject of their choice from within the unit to complete it.

A glimpse of the course content:

- Spirituality - understanding your personal journey

- Self healing, Forgiveness and Faith

- A Journal for your Journey - Tracking your personal progress through Journaling

- Past lives, Present Influences

- Dream Interpretation

- Spirit Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters

- Free Will - Lessons in Responsibility

- Understanding Empathy

- Identifying your Psychic Gifts

- Psychic Protection

- Developing Intuition and Psychic Abilities

- Meditation and Contemplation

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Ama Nazra 0402 870 738
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